Where's the Frog March for Democrats?

Remember all the screaming from former diplomat Joe Wilson (search), when Robert Novak (search) exposed Wilson's wife as a CIA agent? Her name is Valerie Plame — you'll know her when you see her. She's the one who now wears big Italian dark glasses and a scarf over her head at all times.

"Spooks can't be exposed!" screamed her husband. And he blamed Karl Rove, insisting Rove exposed his wife as payback for Wilson going public with a story that he personally investigated whether Saddam Hussein tried to get nuke bomb fuel and the answer was no.

Wilson said President Bush ignored his information and Rove dealt payback to Wilson by exposing Wilson's wife as a CIA agent.

Wilson said he wanted Rove, "frog marched across the White House lawn." And oh, by the way, be sure to elect John Kerry, the anti-Bush.

Well, cut to Monday. There was the Senate Foreign Relations Committee trying to batter John Bolton for his long and distinguished history as a U.N.-basher — hey, somebody's got to do it — and Senator John Kerry exposed a CIA officer, by name, right there on TV, right there on the wire stories, right there on the Internet. Bolton tried to keep his cool and continued to refer to the CIA officer in question as Mr. Smith, but Kerry had already blurted out the agent's name.

So another spook uncovered, exposed, now not able to work at his chosen profession and forced to do just what Valerie Plame did: Get his spouse to screech that this is treason and then sign a big fat book deal.

Hey, it's America: All aggrieved parties get book deals.

But what about frog marching John Kerry down the Capitol steps? You don't hear a call for that, do we? So why not?

When it comes to frog marching suspected undercover operative exposers, the demand only comes during an election season. And it never is a demand lodged against a prominent Democrat.

Here was Sandy Berger stuffing documents into his socks, hoping the 9/11 Commission would not discover what he and Bill Clinton were really up to when they should have been chasing Usama bin Laden. No screaming about that one either.

You'll have to wait for the next frog march demand until at least 2007 when the campaign season is in full swing.

That's My Word.

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