Topics and Guests for April 13

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The largest attack on U.S. soil, September 11, 2001, launched a do-or-die campaign on terrorism. But now the U.N.'s Commission on Human Rights is calling the War on Terror a "defamation campaign" against Muslims. Is this a valid claim? We'll ask Walid Phares, academic chairman of the Coalition for Human Rights and terrorism analyst at Florida Atlantic University.

Plus, legally, felons aren't allowed to buy guns. But people on the "terror watch list" can and the Justice Department can't do anything about it. What, if anything, can be done to stop suspected terrorists from buying firearms in this country? FOX News' Heather Nauert gets the lowdown from Paul Rosenzweig, senior legal research fellow at the Heritage Foundation.

Then, scientists around the world scramble to destroy samples a of deadly flu strain sent to 5,000 labs. So could these samples cause a worldwide flu outbreak? John Barry, author of "The Great Influenza," gives us the lowdown.

And, if a new bill is passed, convicted prostitutes in Oregon could become licensed schoolteachers. But would you want a member of the oldest profession in the world teaching your children? Sue Comfort, a case manager at the Sponsors Women's Transition Program, responds.

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