Easing Your Tax Pain

Once again, we got skunked by breaking news Thursday, so we had to postpone our debates on illegal immigration and teachers being banned from using red pens to grade papers. Hopefully we can get Representative Tancredo (search) back on the show Friday to talk immigration; the "red pens" may have to wait until next week.

Also Friday, we're covering Mark Hacking's (search) court appearance in Utah; as you remember, he was arrested months ago for allegedly murdering his wife Lori. Remember him? Well, Lori's brother will be on “DaySide” to talk about what was really going on inside their lives before her murder.

And I'm sure you don't need me to remind you, but Friday is tax day. Pass the aspirin. To ease your pain, we have Charles Rossoti (search) on the show: He's just written a book about his tenure as IRS Commissioner and his quest to transform one of the most hated agencies in our government.

One last thing: Your feedback on our debate today about pharmacists refusing, based on their beliefs, to sell the morning-after pill (search) I would say your e-mails tilt 70-30 against the pharmacists:

What happens when a woman comes in that has been raped with a prescription for the morning after pill? Is she just supposed to hope and pray that she doesn't have a baby by the rapist?...
—Christine Brown, Hinesville, Georgia

Here's an example of those who wrote in supporting the refusal to sell the morning after pill.

What a sad world we are forced to live in when our pharmacists cannot practice their profession and live by their own moral code...
—Angela & Bob Grier, Lizella, Georgia

Okay, I lied. That wasn't the last thing.This is — for those of you who saw the adorable dogs on "DaySide" today and would like to find out how to give a temporary home to a deployed soldier's pet, I strongly recommend this website: www.NetPets.org.

See you Friday.


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