Trouble at the Border

There are so many important things to watch these days.

Let's start with the Minutemen (search) in Arizona. Boy, are the folks in D.C. feeling the heat. Why? Because the so-called "vigilantes" are truly law-abiding citizens who want their government to enforce the law. What a shocking concept. The talk of the Minutemen planning to attack, terrorize, and infringe on the rights of illegals simply hasn't occurred. Instead, in a very orderly fashion, they are watching the border and notifying the border patrol agents when they spot activity. The result is several hundred illegals under arrest and a significant drop in the number of illegals trying to cross over.

What is shocking is the Mexican government moved it's troops to the border — not to stop its citizens from fleeing illegally — but allegedly to direct them to spots where the Minutemen weren't present. Drug smugglers on the Mexican side are complaining that they can't get their loads to the U.S. On the U.S. side people in the Naco, AZ area can finally let their kids wait for the school bus without smugglers picking up their loads in the same spot. I'm proud of average citizens using their legal rights to call peaceful attention to a national problem —and they're helping the border patrol in the process! Officially, the agency does not support the Minutemen. That's not what you'll hear from the people in the field. They welcome the extra help for their overburdened and underfunded staff.

Two U.S. senators revealed the name of an undercover CIA (search) operative after the CIA requested that no one mention the name during the John Bolton (search) nomination hearings. Before the person was undercover his name had been mentioned in the press. Now that he's undercover the rules have changed. John Bolton continued the call the man by the name "Mr. Smith" while the senators repeatedly used the person's real name. Isn't this what the uproar was about over the outing of former CIA undercover operative Valerie Palme? There's an investigation into who revealed her name. Here we know who revealed it. Yet no one seems to care. Seems odd to me.

Col. David Hunt, one of the greatest guys I know, has a book just published that will shock you. It is called "They Just Don't Get It" and details how our government is compromising our safety and basically doing stupid things. Fortunately, he also offers ways they could fix the mistakes and better protect us. Go to to get a signed copy. It is worth the $25.95. You can trust me. I'm frugal and I won't waste your money by telling to you buy books that aren't worth it. With that in mind I recommend Brian's book, "The Games Do Count," and Chris Wallace's book, "Character: Profiles in Presidential Courage." Both are excellent. I enjoyed them, as did my 12- and 13-year-old children.

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