New 'Bachelor' Is No Prince Charming

He's no Prince Charming, that's for sure.

Charlie O'Connell (search), the seventh "Bachelor" (search) on ABC's beloved fantasy-reality show, has women viewers seething and ripping him to shreds on the network's message boards.

The 29-year-old brother of actor Jerry O'Connell (search) has been called an "idiot," "creep," "boob," "cad," "boozer," "player" and "dog."

The show's new direction has been labeled shameful, disturbing, trashy, painful, raunchy, degrading and sleazy -- basically, everything you could ever want from reality TV.

Viewers can't understand why ABC chose O'Connell to be the Bachelor, with his garbled, nearly unintelligible voice, beer belly and overbearing egomania.

A financial trader and actor who had small roles in "Dude, Where's My Car?" and TV's "Crossing Jordan," O'Connell seems intent on proving he's a jerk.

Three episodes in, he's voted off one contender because she's a single mom and nixed another contestant who bleached her hair to impress him.

On Monday night's episode, he made out with Kimberly then blabbed about his conquest to all the other women, including Sarah W., whom he snogged on a previous episode.

If fans could vote anybody off the show, it would be O'Connell.

"This guy Charlie is just a stark-raving, blithering idiot," writes Mrnwside. "What a stupid sleaze-bucket."

Keekee969 writes: "He is the worst! He is the world's biggest dud!"

Former "Bachelors" like wealthy banker Aaron Buerge and NFL quarterback Jesse Palmer were charming, well-groomed and polished — right out of a fairy tale.

But O'Connell's smarmy style perfectly fits ABC's new "Bachelor" format: No limos. No gowns. No fancy dates.

Instead of wine tastings and helicopter rides, Charlie has taken dates to the Brooklyn Brewery, Bowlmor Lanes — and his apartment.

Still, the show managed to pull in 7.5 million viewers last Monday night, according to early Nielsen estimates. "The Bachelor" peaked in 2002, when its second season drew 16.8 million.

While O'Connell has ticked off a good chunk of the audience, some viewers actually like him.

"At least Charlie is honest," defends whatdaa328. "I think he is a player and a cad, but he admits it."

"Bachelor" fans have long touted the show's so-bad-it's-good quality, an expectation that O'Connell lives up to — as do the girls chasing him.

Kimberly — called "Kimboobly" on the boards — wore a black tube dress to an art-gallery date with O'Connell.

"Now we are cooking," exclaimed, "with gas!"

O'Connell declined to be interviewed for this story. ABC would only say that he is "dating two [of the] women now" — a move that won't surprise anyone.

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