eBay Responds

Photos, stamps, pins, posters — you name it. If it's got the late pope's picture on it, you'll find it on eBay (search).

But there's one item that attorney Michael Gaynor says should never have been allowed on the site: a communion wafer.

The seller claims the wafer was blessed by Pope John Paul II (search) in 1998 during a mass in Rome. It sold Monday for $2,000.

In response to Gaynor's boycott of the Internet auction site, "Your World with Neil Cavuto" received this response from eBay:

"The eBay community is a diverse and international group of more than 135-million users with varied beliefs.

"At times, there are items listed on eBay that may be offensive to some of our users somewhere in the world.

"We reviewed this listing when we became aware of it and quickly came to the conclusion that while we can understand it may be offensive to some people, there is nothing illegal about it and it does not violate our offensive materials policy.

"It does not promote hatred, violence, or intolerance to any group."

Hani Durzy
eBay spokesperson
April 13, 2005