Letterman Sent Home From Jury Duty

Maybe the lawyer remembered that crack about the electric chair. David Letterman (search), who lives in North Salem, reported for jury duty Monday at the Westchester County Courthouse and was considered for a medical malpractice case. He assured the doctor's lawyer that he could be fair, but he was eventually excused.

Five years ago on his CBS "Late Show," Letterman listed his Top Ten (search) "tips for being a good juror." No. 7 was, "Wait for quiet moment, then loudly make sound of electric chair."

And the top tip was "Remember: everyone's guilty."

Before being excused, Letterman sat quietly, reading a book about Montana (search), where he has a ranch.

"I'll be serving jury duty next in Montana," he told The Journal News. "I plan to serve on jury duty in all 50 states."