Fast Facts: Detail on Buildings

Following are facts about the financial institutions named in the 2004 warning about possible terrorist attacks:

— The World Bank (search) has a headquarters building and five other buildings in Washington where 7,000 of the World Bank's 10,000 employees work.

— The International Monetary Fund (search) has about 2,400 employees working in Washington. The building is next door to the World Bank.

— The 59-story, 915-foot tall Citigroup Center (search), built in 1978, is among New York's highest buildings. It has an aluminum and reflective glass facade and angled roof.

— The New York Stock Exchange is located in the financial district at the southern tip of Manhattan, blocks away from the World Trade Center site. Since 9/11, security measures have included barricades on all sides and going through multiple checkpoints to get inside the building.

— Prudential Plaza, located in downtown Newark about 10 miles west of New York City, is 24 stories high and houses the headquarters of Prudential Financial Inc. About 1,000 employees work in the building, and another 1,000 employees work in a building nearby.