Berserk Elephant Kills Two in India Rampage

An elephant went berserk in a busy shopping area in northeastern India on Monday, killing two people and injuring two, a forest guard said.

The elephant trampled the victims after its keeper failed to control it in the city of Gauhati (search), the capital of Assam (search) state, forest guard Narayan Mahanta said.

Veterinarians and forest guards later tranquilized the pachyderm (search), Mahanta said.

Elephants are often seen on Indian streets. About 1,500 elephants in Assam are used for pulling fallen trees and loading them onto vehicles. The state also has more than 5,000 wild Asiatic elephants, more than any other region in India.

A court ban on using elephants to pull timber in Assam has cut the income of keepers, making it more difficult for them to feed the animals.