Multiple Quakes Shake Indonesia

Several earthquakes shook Indonesia over a 24-hour period, including two that rattled a region hit last week by a quake that killed more than 600 people, seismologists said Friday. No damage or injuries were immediately reported.

The first quake to jolt the area around Nias Island (search) — devastated by the 8.7-magnitude quake on March 28 — struck late Thursday and had a magnitude of 5.6, said U.S. Geological Survey (search) seismologists. The second quake of magnitude 5.0 happened about five hours later, the survey said.

A weaker quake was reported near Simeulue, an island group off the Sumatra's west coast that was also hit hard by the March 28 quake, the survey said. The tremor had a magnitude of 4.9, the survey said.

Another earthquake was centered beneath the Maluku Sea in northeastern Indonesia. The 5.5-magnitude quake hit early Friday about 142 miles northeast of Manado, the provincial capital of North Sulawesi, the Hong Kong Observatory (search) said.

The 8.7 magnitude quake that hit March 28 came as the region was still recovering from the Dec. 26 earthquake and tsunami that killed at least 126,000 people in Indonesia, mostly in the nearby province of Aceh.

Last week's quake hit Nias and a string of other islands off Sumatra. At least 647 people were killed.