Mourners Describe Seeing Pope John Paul II

For nearly a week, all roads have led to Rome as pilgrims from around the world flock to the Vatican and line up to pay their last respects to Pope John Paul II.

Hundreds of thousands have waited in line for up to 24 hours to get a 10-second glimpse of the pontiff as he lies in state in St. Peter's Basilica (search).

Many said the experience was worth the wait.

"I am filled with shock and awe ... I was speechless," said Melissa Colpo, who traveled from Philadelphia to view the pope's body.

"He is a symbol of the goodness in the world ... of the love," said Daminini Flimini, who made the trip from Naples, Italy (search).

New York City native Derek Feldshuk, a Penn State (search) student who has been studying in Rome for the past four months, said the experience proved to be a positive one.

"I thought it would be a lot sadder ... Instead, people [were] rejoicing in the pope's life."

Feldshuk waited hours in line to capture a moment that he will keep with him forever.

"I saw him for about 10 seconds, but it was worth the 10 seconds. It was an experience I will never forget," he said.

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