Train Chemical Spill Forces Evacuations

Two hundred gallons of a flammable liquid leaked from a train that derailed near Los Angeles, forcing about 300 people to be evacuated from their homes, authorities said Tuesday. No injuries were reported.

Thirteen cars of a 79-car Union Pacific (search) train went off the tracks Monday in San Bernardino, about 60 miles east of Los Angeles.

One of the 13 derailed cars leaked about 200 gallons of flammable liquid (search) that appeared to be a chemical much like paint thinner, saeven of the derailed cars carried potentially hazardous chemicals. The remaining six were empty.

About 300 people from 100 homes in the area were evacuated, authorities said. It was unclear when they would be allowed to return home. The cause of the derailment was under investigation.

The train, en route from Colton to Roseville in northern California, had three crew members. Davis said Union Pacific crews would rebuild about 640 feet of damaged track.