Honoring a Slain Soldier

To all of you yelling at me about the car chases (search), enough already! Do you think I run this network? I just do what I'm told. ;-)

But here's an e-mail that added a new angle:

I lived in L.A. for 24 years... One of the main reasons for car chases is that these drivers are getting initiated into gangs… they MUST get so many minutes of coverage on TV in order to be initiated into a gang... They will serve a little time in jail (or maybe probation) and be back out on the streets...
—Mark Michaels

Hmm…that's a new one on me. Sick. Stupid. People never cease to amaze me. Anyway, here's what we're planning so far for Wednesday's ‘DaySide,’ which I hope will be car chase-free:

A very special interview with the widow of Army Sgt. Paul Smith (search), who was just awarded (posthumously) the Medal of Honor. His acts of bravery during a battle with Iraqis at the Baghdad airport are extraordinary — and I want you to hear about them in detail. It's worth remembering that these are the young men and women who are on the front lines serving this country. The war in Iraq may be over, but let's not forget their acts of courage. Paul's widow, Birgit is here to tell her husband's story, along with Paul's commanding officer.

As we approach the ten year mark since the Oklahoma City bombing (search), a grandmother who lost two grandsons in the bombing will be in the studio: among the things Kathy Sanders is asking is, if it's true that there are surveillance videotapes that STILL haven't been released from that attack, why can't the victims' families see them?

Also, this being tax time — ten days and counting — we thought we'd bring you the strangest (and slickest) tax write-offs. Should be funny — but don't try this at home.

See you Wednesday.


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