Serial Killer's Dad Sells Police Statement DVD

The father of a serial killer is selling DVDs of his son's videotaped account of how he lured women to his house and strangled them.

Richard Paul White (search) is serving life in prison without parole after pleading guilty in the slayings of three people. He told police he killed three others and buried them around the state, but he has not been charged in those cases.

Randolph "Duke" White (search) said he has sold some copies of the confession, and plans to release a second DVD this summer that shows his son speaking to God after police left the interview room. It was not immediately clear how he obtained the videotape.

White said a portion of the revenue from the $39.95 DVD will go to the children of the victims. He said some money would also go to his grandchildren, who he said were traumatized when they had to testify before a grand jury about their uncle.

Larry Gonzales, the father of one victim, 27-year-old Annaletia Gonzales (search), said the White family should not earn money from the confession.

"He is making a profit off of my daughter. He should be getting nothing," Gonzales said.

Colorado has a law intended to keep anyone from making money from a crime. District Attorney Mitch Morrissey declined to comment Friday.