Profiting Off A Killer's Confession

I love you guys for being so SHARP! It is a thrill that you all are so well read — thanks for all your insights.

Especially this e-mail today:

On September 28, 2003, Pope John Paul II appointed 31 new Cardinals, including one he deemed as "in pectore" or "in secret." There has been wide speculation and rumor as to whom this secret Cardinal might be. Some believe the Cardinal is in China and in order to preserve his safety, the Pope appointed him secretly. Others believe it may be someone who was very close to him. Rgardless, this would bring the number of Cardinals who will cast their vote to 118, not 117 as is being reported.
—TJ Flicking, Knox, Indiana

TJ, I will do some checking on the identity of this secret cardinal - but he can only vote if he's under age 80.

Now on to Tuesday's plans. We will cover the next phase of things in the official mourning of Pope John Paul II (search), but we're also looking ahead to an important milestone: the 10th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing (search). Technically, it's still about two weeks away, but nonetheless we're taking to a couple of survivors of that attack.

And there's this: The father of a confessed serial killer is selling DVD copies of his son's videotaped statement to police — in which he describes how he killed his victims. Duke White, father of Richard Paul White (search), says a portion of the revenue from the DVD — which he's selling for $39.95 — will go to the children of the victims. (Although Duke has sold some of these DVDs already, so far none of the victims' children have received any money. Duke says it's because he hasn't yet made enough money to cover his production costs.) He also says some of the revenue will go to HIS grandchildren, who he says were traumatized when they had to testify before a grand jury about the killings. Richard Paul White is serving life in prison; he confessed to killing three people. He has told police that he murdered three others as well, but he has not been charged in those cases. One more thing: Duke plans to release a second DVD this summer, showing his son "speaking to God" after he was arrested.

I don't know about you, but my first reaction is — that's sick. Do we really need to see some sicko's confession? And exactly what percentage of the $39.95 will go to the victims' kids? I could go on, but I'd rather hear from you. Chime in at

See you Tuesday.


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