Britney Irate Over Pregnancy Rumors

Tired of pregnancy reports, Britney Spears (search) is lashing out at tabloid magazines. "Do you, Us Weekly, In Touch, Star and other desperate magazines want employees who are honest, or those who are liars?" Spears writes in a posting on her Web site addressed "Dear False Tabloids."

Rumors have recently swirled that the 23-year-old pop star is pregnant and that her marriage to Kevin Federline (search) is on the rocks. Spears didn't specifically address either issue, but instead asked magazines for some self-examination.

"Your employees are a reflection of your magazine," she writes in her posting. "I'm really concerned about the people you hire to work at your companies.

"I'd like them to ask themselves the question, 'What am I lying to myself about?' Is it that you are 50 pounds overweight? Is it that your children aren't making wise decisions? Or is it maybe that your husband or boyfriend is cheating on you?"

On Thursday, Pamela Anderson (search) told "Access Hollywood" in an interview that she supported Spears.

"I could be suing everybody for misrepresenting or misjudging character," the actress said. "At the end of the day, hopefully people realize that the tabloids are just awful. They sell magazines based on negative stories about people, I mean no one's going to buy happy stories."

Anderson, star of Fox's upcoming sitcom "Stacked," said she won't allow any tabloid magazines in her presence. "I just said, `Look, I don't want any of that stuff around me.'"

In February, Spears lamented Us Weekly's decision to publish pictures of her and Federline taken by employees at a Fiji islands hotel during the couple's October honeymoon.

But Us Weekly didn't back down. The magazine issued a statement saying, "Britney Spears should start a magazine if she'd like to dictate her own coverage."

In her posting, Spears added: "P.S. People Magazine is great in my book!"