Army Capt. Dismissed for Shooting Iraqi

A U.S. Army captain convicted in the shooting death of a wounded Iraqi was dismissed Friday from the armed forces, but the military court did not impose a prison sentence.

Capt. Rogelio "Roger" Maynulet (search), 30, was convicted Thursday of assault with intent to commit voluntary manslaughter, which carries a 10-year maximum sentence. He maintained the killing was "honorable" because he wanted to end the man's suffering.

Maynulet stood at attention as Lt. Col. Laurence Mixon (search), the head of the six-member panel hearing his case, announced the sentence. He then embraced his defense lawyers and his wife, who burst into tears.

Prosecutors had sought a three-year prison sentence for Maynulet in addition to dismissal from the armed forces, arguing that a strong penalty would send a signal to other U.S. soldiers that such behavior would not be tolerated.