Royal Family Slideshow

Take a look at some rarely seen and sometimes irreverent photographs of the Royal Family. These pictures come from Arthur Edwards, Royal Photographer for The Sun for 28 Years. Click in the box to the right to view our photo essays.

Arthur Edwards
As The Sun's royal photographer since 1977 Arthur has visited over 100 countries following different members of the Royal Family. His services to photography were recognized by The Queen in May 2003 when he was presented with an Member of the British Empire at Buckingham Palace. He had a great rapport with the late Princess of Wales and spent 17 years covering every aspect of her life — her marriage, the birth of her children, and his saddest job of all, her funeral. In his career he has been in the White House Oval Office, The Kremlin, and the pope's private office with members of the Royal Family. A devoted husband to Anne with three children and three grandchildren — any spare time is spent watching his beloved West Ham United.