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Panic in the tsunami-ravaged region of Southeast Asia: Could there be another tsunami (search) after a deadly earthquake Monday had thousands running for their lives? We’ll talk with Newsweek magazine’s Joe Cochrane in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Plus, is a morphine drip speeding up Terri Schiavo's (search) death? We'll take you to her hospice for a report.

And Terri Schiavo’s husband plans to cremate her once she dies. Why are her parents accusing him of a cover-up? And could an autopsy turn up proof of criminal acts committed over 15 years ago? We’ll ask forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Baden (search).

Will a new ruling in the Michael Jackson (search) child molestation trial be a devastating blow to the king of pop’s defense? On the Record’s courtroom insiders weigh in:

• KFI Radio reporter Laura Ingle

• Former San Francisco assistant district attorney Jim Hammer

• Criminal defense attorney Jayne Weintraub

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