March 28, 2005 5:42 pm

It's hard to write the sound of an explosion. When I was little, my brother and I used to watch "Batman." During the fight scene giant exclamations would fill the screen, black letters on jagged yellow backgrounds. My mother would read them out to us — Ka-POW — We would wait for each one.

The explosion today sounded like a Ka-POW pow pow. I was lying in bed with the window open, sleeping in the day for a night shift. I counted the explosions. The second one was a big one, it sounded close, and it made me a little anxious. The sound was kind of like a cannonballer hitting the water but much deeper and bigger. You could almost imagine stuff flying in the air where it happened. I did not go to the window to see the smoke come up. I did not get out of bed. They stopped after four, and I was glad. It was over. When I got up a few hours later there was no mention of it on the news. Ka-POW in Baghdad is no longer news. Seven people died in that instant, a little ways from where I was sleeping.

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I just have to give you credit for the funniest and most timely moment of coverage in this war. Shortly after Baghdad fell, you did a report about looters. The camera was showing a closeup of your face as you talked. Then as it panned back, you were in the back of a pickup truck filled with looted goods. The truck had been driving the whole time and you were sitting in an office chair in the back of that truck. I laughed so hard that I couldn't stand it. I have been a huge fan ever since!!! God Bless America! [ed. note: this Harrigan video is now available. Just click the video tab within the blog.]

— Bryan (Atlanta, GA)


You are quietly becoming the best voice at FOX News. I look forward to your reports. You are very confident, yet truthful and possess just enough fear to stay alive.

— Jeff (Dearborn, MI)

Your self-sacrifice and commitment to truth in reporting are second-to-none. You are equal in the effort in Iraq to our troops. Thank You.

— Ken (Orlando, FL)

We all think you are great and hope that you will be safe this Easter. Hopefully somebody sent you a chocolate egg.

Your fan -Tessa.


From Knoxville, Tennessee, you are looking pretty worn out. I believe in what the troops and you are doing there, but hope to see you all home soon. There should be a parade. You are always in my prayers and always have my gratitude and highest respect.

— Doug

Dear Steve,

Sounds like you had a normal childhood, what with the dog and the Easter eggs. What happened? Love your cynical humor even though it's real. Stay safe and keep giving us those little stories that are indeed quite amusing.

— Barb (Fort Worth, TX)

Dear Harrigan,

I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful blogs. My boss makes me read them everyday at lunch time, but I have to admit, I enjoy them. Don't tell her though or she will come up with some other form of torture for me. Keep blogging!!!!

— Neatie (Rockbridge Baths, VA)

Dear Harrigan,

Always enjoy your food blogs. We think you are a food critic disguised as a war correspondent. The ultimate cover.

We are missing the daily reporting from Baghdad. The news originated here in the States just isn't the same as the news "live" from Iraq. Reporting by a field correspondent has a different feel, appeal and impact. Perhaps we are just impatient and will hear more from you soon. Take good care of yourself.

— Your fans in Virginia

Steve Harrigan currently serves as a Miami-based correspondent for Fox News Channel (FNC). He joined the network in 2001 as a Moscow-based correspondent.