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Here we are on Terri Schiavo's (search) seventh day without food and water. Some of you say, "Let her die already! Heaven is a better place?" Many more of your e-mails, though, say, "Let her live!" And some of you are angry that we're even still covering this story. An Army captain even threatened me Thursday that if I don't stop covering Terri Schiavo, he will order all his subordinates to turn their TVs to CNN.

Look, everyone: This is a legitimate story. A woman is dying, and there's real doubt about whether SHE wants to die. American culture values individual human life, so it profoundly upsets many people to see our courts agree with terminating her. Perfect example in an e-mail I just received:

You get to the point that you have to look at what is RIGHT in this situation, not what the law will allow. For God's sake...a life is at stake. And a life that is wanted by her parents.
—Brian Wolf

On the other hand, American culture also values individual liberty, so it profoundly upsets many people that Terri MAY BE being kept alive despite her wishes.

This decision should be plain and simple. Terri stated to her husband and numerous friends that she didn't want to be kept alive this way… Let her go the way she wanted to.
—Brian K., Clearwater, Florida

Here's what else we're working on for Friday's "DaySide" —

If you ever watched "Touched By An Angel", have I got a Good Friday surprise for you: Della Reese (search) will be on the show with us. In fact, this weekend, the Reverend Della will be leading her own special Easter Sunday Service. So we asked her to stop and talk with us a bit and Easter, life, faith — and even showbiz.

Also, Tom Wopat (search) (aka Luke Duke) is planning to stop by. He became a star on the "Dukes of Hazzard", but did you know he has a beautiful singing voice? He's releasing a new CD, so we asked him to drop by.

See you all Friday.


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