D.A.: Blake Jurors Are 'Incredibly Stupid'

District Attorney Steve Cooley (search) said the jurors who acquitted actor Robert Blake (search) of murder are "incredibly stupid."

The county's top prosecutor also was blunt about his opinions of Blake.

"Quite frankly, based on my review of the evidence, he is as guilty as sin. He is a miserable human being," Cooley said Wednesday, noting that prosecutors presented a strong case.

One juror said Cooley is upset simply because he lost a big case.

"To hear him say we aren't a smart jury is sour grapes," said Chuck Safko. "They didn't have a good case. Their case was built around witnesses who weren't truthful."

On March 16, jurors acquitted Blake of first-degree murder in the May 4, 2001 killing of his wife, Bonny Lee Bakley (search), who was found shot in a car outside a restaurant where the couple had dined.

Blake's attorney, M. Gerald Schwartzbach (search), said Cooley's attack on jurors is inappropriate and "small-minded."