Topics and Guests for March 22

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The Fed is poised to boost its key federal funds rate (search) by one-quarter percentage point — the seventh increase of that size since June 2004.

How many more hikes does Fed head Alan Greenspan (search) have up his sleeve? We'll investigate with Anthony Chan, managing director and senior economist at J.P. Morgan Fleming Asset Management; Ted Weisberg, president of Seaport Securities; Don Hodges, co-portfolio manager of the Hodges Fund, and Michelle Girard, senior economist at Greenwich Capital Markets.

Terri Schiavo's (search) life now lies in the hands of another judge. How will her parent's appeal hold up in court? We'll have continuing live coverage of this emotional case.

Plus, we'll be joined by Brother Paul O'Donnell, spiritual adviser to Terri Schiavo's father.

And, what is it like to be in a vegetative state? We'll get incredible insight from Kate Adamson, author of "Kate's Journey: Triumph over Adversity," and her husband, Steven Klugman.

Is the housing market about to go through the roof? We'll ask Bruce Karatz, chairman and CEO of KB Home, whose first quarter profits jumped 65 percent.

Plus, from going head-to-head with big celebrities to staging contentious demonstrations, we'll remember People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals' first 25 years with Lisa Lange, PETA's vice president of communications.

And, from dangerous street gunfights to violent and degrading lyrics, he says rap music has gotten out of control! Now he wants to stop hip-hop's bad behavior. And you won't believe how he plans to take it on! Rev. Al Sharpton (search) speaks out on today's edition of "Your World."

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