Terri Schiavo's Life in the Court's Hands

It's another Schiavo day.

Terri Schiavo (search) has now been without food or water since Friday. Obviously this can't go on forever.

When she was younger and stronger she made it two weeks when the courts and the Florida legislature went through this exact same dance. Eventually the food and water tube was reattached and she lived long enough to go through it all over again.

You heard me speak Monday on the issue of who should be guardian to make these decisions for Terri Schiavo — her husband Michael, husband in the strict legal sense only, by the way, or her parents.

I think it should be the parents. Enough said.

But Judge Napolitano informs me that at this late date it doesn't matter who the guardian is because the court has taken control. It is the court that has ordered the tube removed and, even if the parents were the guardians, the order would stand.

For this to have made any difference, the guardianship issue would have to have been changed years ago when the guardian, Michael Schiavo, was deciding to pursue a right to die claim in the courts; when the guardian, Michael Schiavo, was deciding to expend the funds of the Terri Schiavo estate on litigators to argue the case; when the guardian, whether it was Michael or the parents or anyone, had some discretion.

At the moment, the guardian's discretion on the feeding tube is over. The courts are behind the wheel in the driver's seat, basing judicial judgment on testimony from Michael and friends and other family. The court in Florida has decided it was her wish to not be kept alive as she is now.

That's fine, as far as it goes.

But let me ask you: How many of you would like your life at age 40 or 45 or 50 to be decided by something you said while sitting around gassing with friends in your 20s?

Believe me, I said and did lots of things in my 20s which are simply not operable today. No way, baby. Do not hold me to things I said and did while young and dumb.

Take into account, please, that my views have matured — just like my face and other parts. Matured is an important consideration.

That's My Word.

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