Bob Barker (search) has donated $1 million to Northwestern University's School of Law (search) to endow a course on animal rights law.

The Bob Barker Endowment Fund for the Study of Animal Rights Law (search) will allow students to earn credits on topics such as how humans interact with and use animals, species protection and international wildlife law, the school announced Tuesday.

Barker, the host of "The Price Is Right" (search) and a longtime animal rights activist, has given similar funds in recent years to law schools at Duke, Stanford, Columbia and UCLA.

"We intend to train a growing number of law students in this area of the law in the hope that they will ultimately lead a national effort to make it illegal to brutalize and exploit these helpless creatures," Barker said.

Law school students should expect to deal with an animal law issue at some point in their careers, law school dean David Van Zandt said. Experimental animal cloning is an example of intellectual property context where animal law issues have emerged, he added.