Putting a Stop to Sexy Cheerleading

Some cheerleaders in Texas are facing a bump-and-grind ban. A state lawmaker is looking to bar suggestive performances in an effort to make Friday night football games a little more family friendly.

Texas state Rep. Al Edwards (search) has introduced legislation that would reduce funds to a school district that knowingly permits sexually suggestive performances.

Edwards told FOX News that standards have been put on professional sports and in other arenas to make sure that athletes behave appropriately during play.

"We stopped young men when they make a touchdown on the football field, we stopped them from taunting, we even talked to the adult football professionals about that. ... We should take a look closer at what our young children are doing out on those fields. To me, they're being exploited," he said.

But J.M. Ferais of Austin Cheer Factory (search), an organization that coaches cheerleading teams, said he thinks any efforts to legislate cheerleading performances are too intrusive.

"This is a little too broad. What are we targeting?" he asked.

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