Cops Nab 2 in N.J. Standoff; Teen Girl Safe

Two men were in police custody Tuesday afternoon following a six-hour standoff during which they held a teenage girl hostage in a house here.

Onlookers cheered as the men were led from the house in handcuffs after an apparently peaceful surrender. The 14-year-old girl was then escorted from the home.

The identities of the men and the girl were not immediately available.

Police had surrounded the home earlier in the day after the girl telephoned authorities about 10 a.m. to report she had been taken hostage.

"Then the fellow in the next room came in and said, 'Who are you talking to?"' police Sgt. Thomas Keefe (search) said. He said the man grabbed the phone and told the dispatcher that if police were sent, "I'm going to kill her, going to kill whoever comes in the building and I'm going to kill myself."

Keefe said it was not clear whether the girl knew the men.

Roads in the area had been shut down and neighbors of the large house, which had been converted to apartments, watched the drama unfold from their porches.