Topics and Guests for March 18

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Saturday marks two years since the invasion of Iraq. So, what challenges still remain? Frank Gaffney Jr., former acting assistant secretary of defense, weighs in.

President Bush appears more relaxed and tells it like it is these days. Can Democrats compete with Bush's confidence? We'll get a fair and balanced debate from strategists, Tucker Eskew and Steve Murphy.

And, an underground money transmitting business discovered in the U.S. — most of the money going to Syria and other "terror-friendly" countries. Why should we worry about these things? FOX News' Heather Nauert gets the lowdown from Dennis Lormel, former FBI special agent.

Testimonies in the baseball steroid hearings went on for more than 11 hours. But was anything accomplished? We'll ask Shaun Assael, senior writer for ESPN's The Magazine.

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