Stern to Go on 'Farewell' Tour

Howard Stern (search) is planning "the biggest tailgate party in the history of this country" to serve as a "farewell tour" when he abandons conventional radio later this year — or sooner.

"I'm coming to town. I'm ready to go. Let me out of here," Stern told listeners Friday, promising a coast-to-coast motorcade of buses bearing "the hottest chicks in the country" and various rock bands.

"It's gonna be unbelievable — I'm telling you, the day they throw me off, it happens the next day," Stern said, referring to speculation that his current employer — Viacom's Infinity Broadcasting (search) — won't wait until his official satellite-radio start date of Jan. 1 to take him off K-Rock (search) and 38 other stations.

"It's a brilliant publicity scheme — P.T. Barnum couldn't have done better," Inside Radio editor Tom Taylor told The Post.

"Stern understands promotion like no one in the country," Taylor said.

"He knows he's an anti-authority brand and the more outrageous the better in terms of publicity for his new employer [Sirius Satellite Radio]."

Stern, who'd been on good behavior in recent weeks after Infinity pounded him for incessantly promoting the enemy — he now refers to Sirius as "uh-uh-uh" — exploded with enthusiasm as he detailed his "farewell tour."

"I'm not gonna sleep in hotels, I'm gonna sleep in people's homes," he said, resulting in immediate calls from listeners offering lodging — and one volunteering to help with security.

"I'm really gonna be with the people, and any hot chicks I meet on the road are allowed to be in the buses, and I'll collect them all over the country.

"By the time I get to California, it'll be busloads of, like, 5,000 of the hottest chicks in the country," Stern vowed.

"It could go on for weeks, and I can see all the local papers and local TV people covering it," said Inside Radio's Taylor, "because Howard's one of the few people who can generate that sort of following."

Indeed, "Access Hollywood" producer Tara Birney asked for permission to air exclusive daily updates and, when told by Stern that she'd basically have to take a number, said, "Remember, we were the first to ask."

Stern said he'll award exclusive coverage to "whoever provides the hottest entertainment reporters."

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