Easter Egg Hunt In Knoxville

March 21, 2005

There was an Easter egg hunt in Knoxville yesterday — 100 eggs hidden or scattered in the yard, three nieces, one nephew.

The eggs today are plastic with candy or prizes inside, one with a $5 bill. The old eggs in New York were real, boiled and colored, hidden by my grandfather around two elm trees he planted in the front yard. The problem with real eggs, however, is that they attracted the attention of Tony, a slow-moving but omnivorous dachshund, who had a better nose for the hunt and found several before we could, and ate them shell and all.

There is a site here people have been going to to take a 10-question test to determine what kind of dog you are. I was a Black Russian Terrier, something designed by Soviet scientists during the war. It barks only when necessary, the description says. They live 10 years. A house, an egg hunt, and a fiercely loyal BRT who knew when to bark. It would be a good 10 years.

Two attacks here in Iraq in two days, both VBIEDs. That's when a car with a bomb in it smashes into a military convoy. It's a common form of attack here. You don't here much about them. One of them happened near Ramadi. If you've ever been in a convoy near Ramadi, it's a scary thing, even in broad daylight. On a simple drive down an ordinary highway any car, behind you, coming towards you, or coming off a ramp, can be a weapon. It's hard to stop a car with a rifle, and in such conditions it is easy to make a mistake. So every second of every drive, even doing ordinary things like dropping off mail or picking up food, you are on edge.

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Hey Steve,

Would you please send Short Fat Man over here?? I could use him to accompany me to Kroger where the natives are restless and couldn't push a cart in a straight line if their lives depended on it. (Only kidding!) Stay safe and keep sending us those GREAT reports. The series from the Congo was outstanding! You're in my prayers.

— Edith (Roanoke, VA)

I have watched you since you joined FOX. You are the best in the business at what you do..

Wishes & Regards,

— Dale (Hitchcock,TX)


The conduct of United Nations forces in some places is, indeed, repulsive. I had to remind myself where those troops originated. When U.N. troops arrive in The Congo or Haiti and exclaim, "Wow! This is the best place I've ever been!" then you know you're about to have trouble.

— Richard (Vienna, VA)

Steve Harrigan currently serves as a Miami-based correspondent for Fox News Channel (FNC). He joined the network in 2001 as a Moscow-based correspondent.