Amanda Bynes No 'Robot' in Real Life

As a robot, Amanda Bynes (search) can fix anything with spare parts. In real life, she's all thumbs.

Bynes said she's not like her character Piper in the computer-animated box office hit "Robots" (search) at all. She's so bad, a TV once sat on her bedroom floor for days because she couldn't figure out how to hook it up.

"I didn't have a TV in my room for a while," Bynes told reporters. "It was just sitting on the floor, because I didn't know how to work it. So, I just figured well, you know, it's better, better for the brain not to watch so much TV."

As for the movie, co-directors Chris Wedge and Carlos Saldanha didn't want Bynes to change her voice to speak for Piper.

"Before I even really tried I asked and they said, 'No, we want kids to recognize your voice' and I think they kind of wanted it to sound like me."

Bynes also didn't fall apart meeting one of her idols, singer Justin Timberlake, but she froze when she met Johnny Depp (search).

"I remained cool, I was proud," Bynes recalled. "Afterwards, I squealed. When I met Johnny Depp, I just didn't say anything. My mind just stopped working. Because you know, he's Johnny Depp!"

Bynes said she didn't have any trouble filming a kissing scene with Chris Carmack of the hit Fox series, "The O.C.," in her next movie, "Lovewrecked."

"Definitely, you know, (I) enjoy boys," she said. "So you know, I have no problem enjoying a boy on screen."

"Robots," starring Robin Williams, finished No. 1 in its debut at the box office, taking in over $36 million.