Poll: Americans Support Troops Staying in Iraq

Recent public opinion on Iraq (search) suggests two basic findings: A majority of people are generally unhappy with President Bush's handling of Iraq and they are resigned to the importance of seeing the commitment through.

Some other results from recent polls on Iraq:

—Six in 10 think the president does not have a clear plan for bringing the Iraq situation to a successful conclusion.

—Two-thirds say the level of casualties in Iraq has been unacceptable, when comparing the goals of the war to the costs.

—A solid majority, about 55 percent, have said for months that U.S. troops must stay until the situation is stable.

—People are closely divided on whether the war was a mistake, according to several polls.

—A majority of people think Iraq aided Al Qaeda (search) before the war and had weapons of mass destruction (search) — two opinions that have been widely debated.

—People are closely divided on whether the war in Iraq helped or hurt in the War on Terror (search).

These findings come from polls by ABC-The Washington Post, The Associated Press-Ipsos, CNN-USA Today-Gallup and the Pew Research Center. The polls of about 1,000 adults each were taken in late February or early March and each has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.