The Circus Is Over

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Well, it's done. Scott Peterson (search) is off to San Quentin prison (search), which overlooks the bay where Laci and Conner's bodies were found. Yes, there will be the inevitable appeal; but for now, Scott is out of the headlines. We can all go on to other news.

The breaking news of the day kept us from doing a segment I've been planning for several days, but I'm hopeful we'll resurrect it for Thursday. It's an interview with a filmmaker who's been documenting people reporting miraculous events in their lives after watching the hit movie, "The Passion of the Christ" (search).

Also, we've got the already-notorious baseball steroid hearings (search) before Congress. I am old-fashioned and think that MLB should get MUCH tougher on players who use steroids; in fact, I'd like to see a two-strikes-you're-out rule. BUT... I'm skeptical that this is something Congress should get involved in. What can Congressional hearings really achieve? Chime in with your opinion at:

Also on tap for Thursday, an interview with George Ross (search), Donald Trump's right-hand-man on "The Apprentice." For you "Apprentice" fans out there, what do you think of George? I ask because I don't get to watch the show as often as I'd like — so I'd like ideas from you all on what I should talk about with George. Send me some suggestions, and I'll put them on the air.

One last thing, before we wrap up the Scott Peterson drama once and for all — a couple of your e-mails from today:

Linda, you will be an old grandmother, rocking on the porch, and Scott will still be sitting on death row... Scott has a better chance of dying of natural causes than ever being put to death in California...
—Robert, Long Beach, MS

I do not agree with the death penalty. Circumstantial evidence may be 99% accurate, but death is not reversible!
—Dennis Cassia, Monroe, CT

A lot of you wrote in about Amber Frey (search), after I interviewed her father. All I can say is... let's move on, shall we? This circus is over. (Until the appeal...)

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