Topics and Guests for March 14

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What's in store for Brian Nichols (search), the man accused of killing four people in Atlanta on Friday, including a judge? We'll ask Barry Hazen, Nichol's attorney from his rape trial.

Then, Ashley Smith -- the woman Nichols held hostage for over seven hours. How did she survive? Former hostage negotiator, Larry Chavez, weighs in.

The accuser in the Michael Jackson molestation trial takes the stand again Monday. Will the defense make Swiss cheese out of his testimony? We'll ask former prosecutor, John Kelly, and defense attorney, Bruce Baron.

Ahmed Omar Abu Ali (search), former high school valedictorian accused of plotting to kill President Bush, pleads not guilty to all charges at his court arraignment Monday. Is there a strong case against him? We'll ask defense attorney Jim O'Dea.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (search) says she won't run for president. So who can Republicans expect to run in 2008? We'll get a fair and balanced debate from former congressman Martin Frost, D-Texas, and Republican strategist, Kellyanne Conway.

Karen Hughes is tapped to improve the U.S. image in Muslim countries. But will it work? Mamoun Fandy, Arab media analyst and senior fellow at the Baker Institute, responds.

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