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Filling in for the vacationing E.D. Hill has been wonderful. And once again reminds me just how much I love this show and all the people who work on it.

It also reminds me that you can't take things personally. But what would you make of your co-worker dropping off dog treats in front of your office? Brian did just that at 4 a.m. this morning. Turns out, he wanted me to enter my dog, Herman, in a Milk-Bone dog contest.

Moving on, the lovely Lauren Green, searching for an answer as to why my socks left an imprint on my legs, informed me I was retaining water. Nothing personal!

We led off the show with the latest in the Michael Jackson (search) trial. It can be easy to forget how serious the allegations are when the surrounding circus tends to overwhelm the case. But most of our legal experts agree, Monday, not a great day for the prosecution, as Michael's defense attorney was able to highlight some inconsistencies in the accuser's story.

The anti-Syria demonstration in Lebanon (search) brought out a million people chanting for "Freedom and Democracy" and apparently using the some Madonna's song lyrics to get across the point! And who says our pop stars can't help topple oppressive regimes?

Up next, baseball's steroid debate headed to Capitol Hill. Brian interviewed Michael O'Keefe from The New York Daily News on his exclusive report that talks about slugger Mark McGwire juicing up.

Steve had a great interview with a very brave man, Don O'Briant (search), a reporter with The Atlanta Journal Constitution. He's still recovering from the attack when the Atlanta courtroom shooter stole his car and nearly killed him. He still has some major recovering to do and we wish him well.

Later all three of us were thrilled to have George Ross from "The Apprentice" pay a visit. He's Donald Trump's (search) right-hand man. His book "Trump Strategies for Real Estate: Billionaire Lessons for the Small Investor," is a great read. But poor George could barely make his way out the studio as he was peppered with questions from our tech crew on the best ways to invest. Hardy needed to know whether to invest in a timeshare. Ian wanted to find out more about buying a Trump condo along the Hudson River. I learned quickly, I'm doing everything wrong! George was gracious about it all and far too nice to charge by the hour!

See you tomorrow for "FOX & Friends First" at 6 a.m. ET! 'Til then... God Bless.


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