'The Apprentice' Goes Hip-Hop

Thursday's episode of "The Apprentice" (search) features words you might not recognize — unless you're familiar with the worlds of rap and hip-hop.

The usually businesslike world of "Apprentice" teams Magna and NetWorth get a culture shock when members find themselves inter acting with rappers Lil' Kim (search), Eve (search), Lil Jon (search) and others — in what's being described as "Trump- speak meets [rapper] Fat Joe."

It's a clash of cultures that's described as both amusing and uncomfortable.

The fun begins when the teams are assigned to work with music network Fuse to get 10 celebrities to donate a "personal experience" to Fuse's "Daily Download" show.

That, in turn, puts Magna and Net Worth members in contact with Lil' Kim, Eve, Fat Joe (search) and others — and has them scratching their heads over the meaning of rap terms like "Spittin' mad game," "Make that paper," "Willin' Out" and "Poppin'."

"The two teams attempt to speak the language of the rappers, and they're not using it in the right context," said a show spokesman.

"The teams actually went back and did a little research [off-camera] on the [rap] terms — they went back to the suite and went onto Web sites to find out the meaning of the words."

Also featured in the episode is Kiss rocker Gene Simmons, Moby, Barenaked Ladies, New Found Glory and Jadakiss.

"Gene Simmons gets out of control flirting, especially with [Magna member] Erin," said the show spokesman.

Fuse has generously provided definitions for some of the rap terms used in Thursday's episode at 9 p.m. EST on NBC:

* Willin' out: "To act up, be out of control."

* Iced out: "Diamonds on the wrist, ears, everywhere."

* One yourself: "Another way of saying goodbye. To watch and respect yourself."

* Make that paper: "Getting paid."

* Spittin' mad game: "To flirt and really try to pick someone up."

* Hollywood: "The attitude of bright lights, or 'Don't go all Hollywood on me.' "