Rush to Judgment

Giuliana Sgrena (search), the Italian journalist hostage, is now saying that American troops shot at her car on purpose trying to kill her.

The White House says the claim is absurd.

In addition, let me point out some other absurdities:

First, Ms. Sgrena is from a communist newspaper called Il Manifesto (search). So how many of you think Il Manifesto sent her to Iraq to report on how well Iraq is doing after its first free election? None of you? What a smart bunch. Of course it didn't.

She is an ardent anti-American who was going to Iraq to do a hatchet job on the American effort there and — silly her — she didn't realize the Iraqi insurgent kidnapers didn't really care if she thought they were noble freedom fighters. They just wanted her sorry bones to ransom.

What's more, she now admits they treated her well. Gee, now, that's a surprise. When we all saw that tape of Ms. Sgrena begging for her life with her hands held in prayer — imagine a reporter for a communist paper praying — everybody thought things must really be rough. Now it turns out they told her what to say and how to say it and she acted her part.

Also, The Washington Times is reporting Monday that the $6 million ransom was not Italian government money, but personal funds of the media mogul Silvio Berlusconi — who just happens to be the prime minister.

So what do you think the chances are that Ms. Sgrena cooperated with her captors to squeeze some cash out of what she would regard as a capitalist pig, the media mogul and prime minister Mr. Berlusconi?

Think I'm stretching there?

In any case, she's now blaming the Americans for shooting up her car which tried to speed through a checkpoint.

I'm blaming her for thinking she could wander around Iraq unharmed because she is a sympathizer with the insurgents, then for getting herself snatched, then for getting the prime minister to put up his own money, which led to the death of one of the Italian intelligence agents who came to save her sorry rear end.

She's right — it is disgusting. I am disgusted with her.

That's My Word.

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