Teacher Fired for Sex Phone Photos

A substitute teacher at a local high school was fired last month after students were shown photographs of the woman having sex, school district officials say. The photos were on the teacher's camera phone, which was passed around a health class at Judson High School (search).

"This teacher obviously didn't have her heart in the right place and didn't have enough sense to actually know what was right and wrong in the classroom," said Sean Hoffman, a spokesman for the Judson Independent School District.

The 28-year-old woman was not identified by the district, which was not sure if she passed the phone around or if students somehow got ahold of the device in another way.

Either way, Hoffmann said, it was wrong for those images to be available at the school and the woman was abruptly fired Feb. 15.

"There were several pictures on there that were inappropriate," he said.

Officials say the woman had been a substitute in the Judson ISD for only a month before the photo incident occurred.