Zero Tolerance?

March. 3, 2005
New York City

(ed. note: Don't miss Harrigan's explosive Congo series all this week on "Special Report," 6 pm ET.)

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One-line note in the computer from a boss...which usually means they're going to send you somewhere. You have plenty of time to think about it; you think about it the whole walk in.

The Congo U.N. guy got fired, or gets fired today. We went to the U.N. yesterday to interview an assistant secretary general. I figured she'd attack our reports. She didn't. She was obviously disgusted by the sexual abuse scandal, and it seemed pretty clear she's going to fire people and try to change things. She's a former soldier. When she talked about their zero-tolerance policy I told her it was nonsense, and she didn't like that at all. But, you know, one advantage of going to s-holes is it's hard for people to argue with you. If you stand in a lava field and see soldiers file out of their base as soon as the sun goes down and start having sex with prostitutes all over the lava field — standing up, under rocks, under tents, out in the open — you don't have to sit there and have someone tell you about zero tolerance. You can sit there and say, "That's nonsense." That's the beauty of going to s-holes. Even really smart people can't argue with you.

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Dear Mr. Harrigan,

I am so incensed by this story. What can we do? How do we help? Please cover how we can help in your story, if possible. I have heard more and more on this story in recent days. I am so heartbroken for these children. I couldn't help but write. Thank you for covering the story.

Mrs. Elva Frye


Excellent story! Maybe Bill O'Reilly will help put legs on this one...I have one question... Who will investigate the U.N.? Liberty and justice should be a worldwide opportunity.

Thank you for letting me bloviate. (Thanks Bill!)

— Russ (Rochester Hills, MI)

Dear Mr Harrigan,

My heart is breaking after reading about the horrors these baby girls have been through, and I am angry.

How dare these blue hat 'saviors' come in and destroy these girls. Many of them will end up in prostitution, drugs and violence. This is disgusting. What is the U.N. doing about it? Why isn't this top news? This is far worse then the 'oil for food' fiasco. What can I do? How can I help these girls?

— Vicki (Ft Leonard Wood, MO)

May God bless you for the work you are doing. What can we do besides feeling sorrow and or pity? If we tell the story and offer no real help, we are nothing more than story tellers. What now?

— Annette (Rio Hondo, Texas)

Dear Steve,

I have never been so moved and deeply hurt by a story. Seeing these innocent beautiful children so decimated by evil is heartbreaking. I genuinely want to help these little girls who have been savagely raped by the horrible men working for the U.N. I would like to send financial help directly to any organization that is set up to care for these children. I would also like to organize people to write letters to our government officials so these atrocities can be stopped. Please either let me know who to contact for more information or do a story so we can find out what can be done to aid these innocent victims.

Thank you for bringing these events to our attention . . . your work is truly appreciated!

Julie Harrah


As a retired U.S. Army officer and an American I am outraged at the thought the U.N. would put forces in place to deter aggression and assist local populations only to have those so-called soldiers commit such atrocities. Would you please publicly disclose what countries provided these forces to the U.N. for the peacekeeping operation so that we may all voice our outrage to the U.N. but to the consulates of those representative countries? Further, I am just as angered at Save the Children who refuse to accept that such things are happening and doing nothing about it.

— Eddie (El Paso, TX)

Steve Harrigan currently serves as a Miami-based correspondent for Fox News Channel (FNC). He joined the network in 2001 as a Moscow-based correspondent.