Returning the Favor

It was a nice diverse show Thursday as we began with Juliet in the center square for E.D.

The first stop on the Guest Carousel was Beirut (search). If you want a true perspective on the Middle East push for democracy, why not go to the home of the greatest transformation: Lebanon. An American University professor laid out the political climate on the ground without any editorial judgment, but things looks so positive for the people of that occupied nation at the moment you could read the hope in every sentence he spoke.

Helping us with inside story in D.C., Senators Joe Lieberman (search) and Lamar Alexander. While Senator Alexander was his usual classy self, Senator Lieberman continued to put America ahead of party by giving a big thumbs up to President Bush on his Middle East push for freedom. He should also give himself a pat on the back, because of his support and leadership Egypt, Iraq and Lebanon are blazing a trail towards freedom and Syria seems to be in a state of panic.

Then New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly joined us in studio to talk about the threat to Grand Central Terminal. Do you realize the chatter is down amongst the terrorists along with crime in the world's most famous city? We are truly lucky to have this guy running this place — he just gets it and is a great, great guy!

As for the fun stuff, I began the show by beginning to pay back Donald Trump (search) for strategically putting my book on "The Apprentice." How? Well, I have put his action figure in the backdrop of my single camera shot. Every time I am in a solo shot you'll see The Donald in a box behind me. He actually called me Wednesday to ask for 10 percent of the book's profits. I offered 9 percent and he got this special bonus. By the way, if you want a signed copy of the "The Games Do Count" go to and follow the prompts.

We also had a chance to talk with Richard Branson about sponsoring Steve Fossett's flight around the world and I just can't help but wonder why so many rich people keep trying stuff like this. At least they are not using a hot air balloon. You just know those will eventually crash after falling short on their mission.

Juliet is in again Friday and of course shines on Saturday and Sunday with Julian and Mike.


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