Jackson's Jewelry Causes Stir in Austria

Austrians recognized Michael Jackson's (search) star — the one he wore on his chest that is.

The pop singer has been photographed before recent court appearances in California wearing what experts here say is the "Order of Vienna," a medal awarded to artists, businessmen or others of merit, Austria Press Agency reported. The gold star with an eagle in the center has been bestowed to about 50 people a year for their contributions to society.

The only problem is that Jackson, 46, who is accused of molesting a 13-year-old cancer survivor at his Neverland ranch in 2003, has not been among the prize's recipients. The singer's staff bought the medal at an antique shop in downtown Vienna, APA reported.

It is illegal in Austria to wear such medals if one has not earned them, and Jackson theoretically could face a €700 (US$919) fine in Austria.

City officials say they don't plan to press charges.