O, Canada!

Constant viewers of this program are probably tired of me slapping the Canadians around like a hockey puck -- but what am I supposed to do when they do such dumb things?

It isn't just me, by the way. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (search) cancelled a meeting with the Canadians in a fit of frustration and pique -- and now the Canadians are running around madly trying to get an appointment with her, which appears to be scheduled for a week from now.

What she is mad about -- and what I am mad about -- is that Canada decided it would pull out of the American-sponsored and American-paid-for North American Missile Defense Program (search).

This program involves the U.S. building a missile defense system and hopefully being able to shoot down missiles aimed at America -- presumably from some nut job nation like North Korea (search).

There's no question the danger exists. The North Koreans have built the missiles, they have the bomb and they're mad at us.

But mysteriously the Canadians pulled out of the deal because public opinion is so anti-American -- specifically so anti-American military.

Now here's the rub: North Korean missiles might very well be coming at America over Canada, and a missile defense system might have to shoot down a missile heading our way over Canada.

The Canadian prime minister said, "This is our airspace. We're a sovereign nation and you don't intrude on a sovereign nations' airspace without seeking permission."

In other words, George W. Bush, kindly give us a call and get our permission before you defend yourself. We won't shoot down missiles aimed at you using our airspace and you may not either unless we say OK.

The proper response from Bush ought to be, "Oh yeah? You and whose army?"

See, the Canadians don't believe in spending money on an army. What's the point? The Americans are going to defend the continent anyway. Let the dumb Americans pay for it.

But now they want us to give a call and ask permission before we defend a maxi 9/11? Canada, c'mon -- Bush invaded a country without your permission. You think he's going to be worried about your sovereign airspace?

The Canadians better hope that if the North Koreans fire a missile at the U.S. they gas it up so it doesn't fall short -- if you get my drift.

That's My Word.

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