Nor'easter Fun

March 1, 2005 2:09 p.m.

I was in the office for all of five minutes on Monday, my first day back in NYC in four weeks, when I got marching orders to head to Boston for storm coverage.

I guess the boss read last week’s blog about how much I love the snow...

I made it out of LaGuardia Airport just in time. The 2:30 Delta Shuttle boarded on schedule, but then we sat for a while as the snow swirled around us and visibility started deteriorating. They deiced our plane, and we got off the ground about 45 minutes late. Hundreds of other flights were cancelled later in the day at New York’s three major airports.

The flight was relatively smooth, and there was virtually no traffic from Logan into the city. That left plenty of time for me to catch up with our Beantown producer Andrew Fone and photog Paul Celeste at The Rack, my favorite pool hall in Boston. (All work and no play makes Rick a dull reporter...)

Tuesday I was up by dawn and on location at 6 a.m. in City Hall plaza. I met the crew at the satellite truck, and prepared for our first live shot at 7 a.m.

"FOX and Friends" is great, because you can always banter with the anchors. Since this wasn't the hardest of hard news stories, I told Doocy, “I have good sources in Boston, and they tell me it's winter. Apparently, according to my sources, it snows here during the winter.”

It was funny at the time, but maybe you had to be there.

We also did live shots for a couple morning shows on local FOX stations in Phoenix and Los Angeles. I especially love doing KTTV (LA) because Jillian Barberie is their morning weather anchor (she does a couple other shows, including the NFL studio show on FOX).

She and I worked together in Miami and have a lot of fun on-air. Steve Edwards is terrific, too. Quick and sharp with a great sense of humor. I reminded them I'd made an anatomically correct snowwoman during a live shot for their show a few years back, and Jillian asked if I'd make an anatomically correct snowMAN. I assured her that was NOT going to happen.

Next stop: back to West Virginia to see Martha Stewart get out of jail.

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Dear Rick:

Your live shot on yesterday's "FOX and Friends" was absolutely hysterical. Thanks for the laugh!

— Laurie

Hi Rick,

I loved your Snow Appreciation article so much I printed it and put it on my work board here in our office for all the snow haters here. I especially loved the "present from above" line towards the end. Thanks again for your well-worded article!

— Sara (Tallmadge, Ohio)

Could not agree more. I am like a little kid when it comes to snow storms. Good thing, since I have three daughters to build snowmen with (none have asked to build a snowwoman yet, but the teen years are coming!) Keep up the great work. Hope you get to spend a lot of time with those girls!

— Caroline (Manchester, NH)


I enjoy your blogs and appreciate the work you're doing for FOX. You have to get on the air more often. I think you've been away breathing foreign air too long because snow isn't as fun as you claim it to be. Come and live in Minnsnowda for a few years and I'll train you to use my snow shovel. After a few years I'll let you read your current blog and you'll see that it was a bit over-the-top. Keep doing your stuff with the excellence you show all the time. I'm a FOX Fan to the end.

— A.F.A. Minnesota