Rocking the Boat

The trio was back intact Monday morning as Steve returned from his court-mandated — I mean well-earned — vacation. The top stories today featured Dan Rather's diss from Mike Wallace, Don Hewitt and Walter Cronkite, Vladimir Putin's baffling belief that President Bush had those CBS staffers fired and Chris Rock's (search) rough treatment of President Bush at the Oscars.

I am just amazed how overdone the Oscar (search) coverage is and how misplaced America's interest is in this movie madness. These celebrities work so hard to get famous and then once they achieve it they run for the hills, or hide behind mountainside security personnel. To see this amount of attention on Hollywood, compounded by having the host equate our war in Iraq with a hoax and using Michael Moore as their staff historian, is really tough to take. Isn't two years of Bush bashing enough? I have an idea what about using the world stage to salute the million Iraqis and Afghans who voted for the first time, or Libya for saying no to nukes! How about a statement on the need for Iran to come clean on their intentions in the region? Sure, it would have been out of place, but anymore out of place then Chris Rock saying the president lied and then concocting some stupid analogy to explain the budget deficit? Did it occur to Rock that most of that deficit money may be spent on keeping his Brooklyn butt from being bombed?

What is important to me is the change in Lebanon (search) and Egypt. Did you notice without an ounce of violence in the span of three days both nations are moving rapidly toward free and fair elections? Do you think that idealistic cowboy in the White House deserves some credit? You bet he does and although it's too soon to celebrate, it's not too soon to say he is pushing the region to change and so far they are!

Should be great show Tuesday, as we examine whether Lebanon is truly heading towards a terror-free future, plus an inside look at Dan Rather's dubious legacy. Side note: The snow has the staff staying in the city tonight and as of now I have no clothes. Anyone with an extra size 41 suit report to FOX News early Tuesday!

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