Let It Snow

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Dear Viewers,

Monday night I will be hosting the show from New York City. I first wrote, "tonight we are in NYC," but then realized that most of the staff is already in New York and the only slight change is my location. "On the Record" has staff in three cities — D.C., L.A. and NYC — but most of the staff are in New York. Why host the show from New York City? Because we have a pre-tape at 4 p.m. for a segment we will air later in the week and with the snow and sleet headed this way, it is not certain I can get back to D.C. to do the show from D.C. Plus, from time to time I like to get to New York to actually see the people to whom I speak every three minutes by phone on the "normal" day. (Of course, I am not sure there is such a thing as "normal.")

Friday night's show had a glitch, which so far no viewer has mentioned in an e-mail to me. I spotted it as it was going on and nearly fell over. What was it? We showed part of our footage from the tour we took of San Quentin, where Scott Peterson (search) will most likely go (that is the California death row.) In the taped piece it is mentioned who some of the high profile killers are who reside on death row in the prison. One mentioned is David Westerfield, who murdered a little girl in southern California. Instead of showing you video of Westerfield when he was mentioned, we showed you video of the judge who presided over the Westerfield trial. I did not see Westerfield at all in the video (maybe he was there and I just missed it.) I am glad the judge was in his judicial robe so that no one would think he is a killer.

I had a viewer complain last week about me posting her e-mail. As a note, e-mails sent to me could be posted.

I am anxious to try and help find young Jessica Lunsford (search). If you know anything about her or her family, please e-mail us.

E-mail No. 1

Please have police stay focused on the father or his friends. Too many questions about father and I am just an onlooker. His first appearance he said the door was locked and he opened it with a key then all of a sudden the door was left open. For people that always lock the door it is not just left open, they check and double check. The dog didn't bark, blankets cannot keep a dog from barking if there is a stranger in the house. The father came home and heard Jessica's alarm going off but did not go in right away, did the grandparents hear the alarm? When interviewed, the father was crying, when asked a question he stopped, started again, stopped again to answer the question. His statements seem to rehearsed. Why didn't the father call 911, why the grandma? He would turn off the alarm but not call 911 Too many questions unanswered.
Thank you,

ANSWER: In every missing child case, everyone — including close family — should be considered a possible suspect. I assume the police are investigating everyone who knows the child as well as the possibility that it was a random breaking and entering.

E-mail No. 2

I was watching FOX News on Sunday and they showed the Petersons' with a u-haul loading "Laci's things" into the truck. Why do they belong to his family? Also Scott's mother told the media (when asked how Scott was) that they (the media) put him in there, now they can get him out. Someone should inform her that her son put himself in there, and also I watched her loading stuff, without her oxygen?
Thank you for listening

E-mail No. 3

Have the authorities tested the family dog for any food or drug that may have altered his/her behavior? Small dogs bark at anything and everything with a very annoying high pitch bark.

E-mail No. 4

Dear Greta,
I know this has probably been done but wasn't mentioned when you interviewed the police a few minutes ago. This little girl in Florida had been to church the night she disappeared. I know from other cases (i.e. the priests of the Catholic Church) that children trust people from the church. Has anyone interviewed anyone from the church to see if she had a "special" interest in anyone there? I can see a child opening the door for someone like that.
Thank you,
Elaine Trexler

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