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The pope has returned to the hospital after suffering from a relapse of flu symptoms. John Paul II, 84, has been hospitalized again in Rome just two weeks after recovering from a respiratory crisis.

We'll have a LIVE report on the pope's condition when FNC's Greg Burke joins us from Rome.

Then, President Bush met with Russian President Putin today in Bratislava, Slovakia today. The two leaders talked about everything from their own nuclear arsenal to how to prevent rogue nations from creating an arsenal of their own.

We'll get a LIVE report on today's summit when FNC's Molly Henneberg joins us from the White House.

Plus, did President Bush nudge President Putin into getting democracy back on track in Russi when the two men met today? We'll ask foreign affairs expert Michael O'Hanlon who is a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute.

And later, a jury has been seated in the Michael Jackson trial and alternates are being chosen today. Are opening statements just a few days away? Our own Trace Gallagher brings us the latest from Santa Maria, California.

--The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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