Raw Data:Conyers/Slaughter Letter on CIA Leak

The Honorable Patrick Fitzgerald

United States Attorney

United States Attorney's Office for the Northern District of Illinois

219 S. Dearborn Street

Chicago, IL 60604

Dear Mr. Fitzgerald:

We are writing to inform you of the existence of information potentially vital to your investigation of the leak of a CIA operative name. A person in the White House briefing room who had access to a memo revealing the operative 's name also kept a journal of his days covering the White House. We bring this to your attention because we believe your office may need to subpoena the journal to further the work of the grand jury.

As many people are aware, James Guckert (aka "Jeff Gannon") posed as a journalist and gained entry to the White House briefing room. He also may have had access to documents that leaked the name of the CIA operative. In an October 2003 interview with Joseph C. Wilson IV, the husband of the operative, Mr. Guckert referenced a memo written by U.S. intelligence officials indicating the operative suggested Mr. Wilson could investigate reports that Iraq had sought uranium. In and of itself, this indicates that Mr. Guckert had access to classified information.

It appears now that Mr. Guckert memorialized his experiences at the White House. In the February 22, 2005 edition of Editor & Publisher, a publication for the newspaper industry, Mr. Guckert states that he '"probably has one page for each day at the White House, about 200 pages of stuff... Is it all interesting? Probably not. But it could be [a book]."'

It would be unfortunate if Mr. Guckert published information that would be useful to your investigation, such as the identity of the person who gave him the memo, without your office having the benefit of its contents.

If we can provide further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Louise Slaughter

Ranking Member

House Rules Committee

John Conyers, Jr.

Ranking Member

House Judiciary Committee