The Value of Vacations

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If you had been in the studio audience today, you would have seen a man who scolded me — for making him cry! Well, sorry 'bout that — I barely got through the interview with Capt. Southworth myself without choking up. A soldier who not only does his service honorably in Iraq — but then goes to the trouble of bringing a handicapped Iraqi child home with him — is enough to make anyone lose it. There were lots of red eyes in the audience afterward.

I don't know if I can top that Thursday, but I can at least promise you we'll be on top of the day's breaking news.

We'll also have results of a surprising survey: 71 percent of kids interviewed said they need a vacation! When I first heard that, I wondered, is this part of that "overscheduled kids” epidemic? On closer reading, though, it looks like these kids were trying to say they "want" a vacation: they report that when they go on trips with their parents, they a.) spend more time talking with their parents, b.) spend more time as a family sharing meals together, and c.) spend less time parked in front of the tube. Which all seems to say that vacations give families a chance to "reconnect" in ways they don't necessarily get at home. Do you agree? Chime in at:

"Apprentice" fans, we've got Michael Tarshi (search) on the show Thursday — the one who was fired by The Donald last week. The one who called himself a "mini-Trump." The one who claimed, "The only thing separating me and Donald Trump (search) is a few billion dollars." This guy is a character — so if there's something you want to tell him (or ask him about the show), fire away. E-mail me your comments and I'll put them to Michael on the air.

We'll also have Laila Ali (search) in the studio. I've met this young boxer before, and she's one tough chick. She definitely inherited a lot of her Dad's genes! Laila has just written a book called "Reach: Finding Strength, Spirit, and Personal Power." In it, she talks about overcoming abuse, weight problems and isolation as a child and offers her own method of pulling herself together. She welcomes any questions/comments from viewers, so e-mail them to me. No holds barred, any topic welcome.

Now, feedback on Wednesday's “DaySide.” Regarding the Terri Schiavo (search) case, well, my e-mail account got overwhelmed:

Is it God's will that if you can't eat or drink on your own you will die, or is it God's will that you are hooked up to feeding tubes to survive for years as a vegetable? This is a question I'm unable to answer...
—Virginia Price, Kewanee, Illinois

The family has a right to their flesh and blood. If Michael [Schiavo] wants to kill his wife and inherit the money, he should be thrown in jail for murder...The family should have the right to keep their daughter alive... Why can't the husband say fine and leave it be?...
—H.M. Holzman

As for Jose Canseco (search), the e-mails were unanimous:

Jose Canseco is full of crap, steroids killed Lyle Alzado the football player, and Canseco needs to get the facts straight. Steroids do kill...
— David Martin, Salt Lake City, Utah

Finally, regarding Judith Warner's book, "Perfect Madness", the e-mail was split 50-50 between those who agree and disagree that moms these days are overwhelmed:

I too am a young mother... I'm an 8 to 5'er. However, my job doesn't end when I got off work at 5 o'clock, it only beginning. When I get home I am bombarded with cooking, cleaning, showing affetion to my husband and infant daughter. I feel at times that I have lost my "own self"; I feel guilty when I want to get my hair done or meet my sister for coffee because I am away from my family 40 hours a week..."
—Amber Saldana, New Braunfels, Texas

I can sum it up for these women in one word: WHAAAAA!!!! ...When I was finished with my work... I cleaned our home clooked, assisted with homework, shuttled my daughter to and from her various sports engagements, mowed our yards, did the plumbing, repaired the car, learned to lay tile and wallpaper, etc... Despite all the wo4rk I had to do, I still always found time to take my daughter on mini-vacations... We have talked, laughed, learned and loved together and I can honestly say I would not trade on eminute of your years together for anything in the world...
—Sonya Batten, Elated Mother of Elissa

On that note, I am shutting down my computer to go home to my two-year-old.

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