Topics and Guests: Feb. 22

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Tuesday, Feb. 22:

The President kicked off the day by hosting a breakfast with his most trusted ally, British Prime Minister Tony Blair (search). The day continued with visits with leaders from both NATO and the EU. Carl Cameron wraps up the president's day from Brussels, while James Rosen takes a look at the emerging roles of NATO and the EU.

Plus, Bret Baier has the latest from Iraq as Interim Iraqi Vice President Ibrahim al-Jaafari was chosen Tuesday to be his Shiite ticket's candidate for prime minister after Ahmad Chalabi (search) dropped his bid.

And what would you call a system that gave trial lawyers millions and ripped off consumers’ pennies on the dollar? You'd probably call it unfair. What would you call an arrangement where trial lawyers and businesses worked together to make sure consumers wouldn't get a better deal in the future? In Washington, you might call it typical. Major Garrett has a report.

What do Europeans really think of America’s president? Greg Palkot traveled the route that the president will be traveling over the coming days and talked to people about their feelings towards President Bush and America in general.

Should Harvard's president stay or go? Larry Summers (search) is under fire for saying women just might not be as good as men at math and science and now Harvard's faculty meets to debate his fate. We’ll have the latest on the debate.

Plus, we'll talk with our all-star panel of FOX News contributors:

Fred Barnes, executive editor of the Weekly Standard

Charles Krauthammer, syndicated columnist

Mara Liasson, national political reporter for National Public Radio

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