Guests and Topics: February 21

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Monday, Feb. 21:

An author has revealed that he made secret recording of his conversations with then-Governor Bush while working on a book about presidential childhoods. Now, Doug Wead (search) has made the recordings public. Why? What's going on here? Should these tapes have ever been released? Do their contents do damage the president's reputation? Is this part of the historical record or is it a mean-spirited way to boost book sales?

We'll debate it with radio talk show host G. Gordon Liddy and former Texas Congressman and brand-new FNC Political Analyst Martin Frost.

Plus, the NAACP says that the president's plan for social security reform will hurt African-Americans. So why are some Republicans saying this kind of charge is just playing the race card? We'll talk it over with Julian Bond's son Michael Bond this evening.

Also, a new documentary about our troops in Iraq is already creating controversy. Why? We'll bring you the story and show you some of the footage.

Then, two new legal rulings on drivers licences for illegal immigrants. But there's just one problem... We'll tell you what it is.

And later, why is a New York model considering giving up her newly renovated townhouse in Harlem? Could unfair taxes be taking the worst kind of toll? We'll find out when Meyghan Hill joins us.

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